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The 7 Signs of a Professional Voiceover

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If you’re considering hiring a professional voiceover, what is it reasonable to expect?

Well, a great service for one…. but what does that actually look like?

Here are the 7 signs of a professional voiceover.


They should be easily accessible to you. This means that you can contact them and receive a response quickly. Basically, they are communicative and happy to answer any questions you have about your project.

· Contactable

· Great communicator

· Receptive

The reason they should be easily accessible to you, is that most professional voiceovers do it as a full-time profession, meaning you don’t have to risk playing second fiddle to competing occupation.

Custom Audition

A professional voiceover will understand that before you commit to hiring them, you will want to hear an example of some previous work, a demo, or best of all - a small sample audition of your script itself.

Remember, you should ‘try before you buy’! That way you can get a feel for whether the voice suits your project. Professional voiceovers will be happy to do this.

Bring your Script to Life

A properly trained voiceover can look at your script, and understand what is needed to bring it to life.

· Pace, pitch, tone, intonation

They can give your message impact by using skills and techniques which have been practiced and developed; delivering great engagement with your listener.

Follow Direction

They should also be able to follow direction.

So if you want the script read with a different style, emphasis or emotion, top voiceovers will be flexible enough and able to adapt quickly.

Broadcast Quality Sound

Of course, you should expect an excellent sound quality. To give you this, a voiceover will either produce your audio in a professional independent studio, or we will have spent the money needed to set up their own broadcast quality home recording studio. As a minimum, equipment will include;

· Large diaphragm condenser microphone

· Pop filter

· Interface

· Recording & editing software

· Closed-back headphones

· Sound treated studio

· Remote dial-in options

This means that you can expect to receive high quality audio files.

Quick Turnaround

Often this will be done within 24 hours. Indeed, radio commercials, explainer videos or corporate narrations may only take an hour or two.

Some projects can take longer for example e-learning modules, although these too can be done quickly depending on the size.

The key thing here, is that before agreeing to the work, they will understand when you need it by, and meet your deadline.

Focused on You

Finally, a professional voiceover should also be a business professional, and provide you with a service which feels easy. They will understand that you may be spinning many plates, and need to feel valued as a customer. So their service should be;

· Friendly

· Flexible

· Focused on you

There you go - the 7 signs of a professional voiceover!

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