• Keith Mackenzie

What can a Voiceover Do?

There are many things that a professional Voice Artist can lend their voice to. In fact, as soon as this article is published, I’m bound to have thought of another one! Regardless, to give an idea of the wide range of applications, here are just 20 things a professional voiceover can help you with;

1. Social Media, Radio & TV Advertising - We're all very familiar with these, and they form part of our everyday lives.

2. Corporate Videos - They could be internal or external, but generally promote an aspect of a company's business

3. Explainer Videos - You know, those little fun videos which brilliantly help explain a company’s product or service, often taking the form of animation

4. E-Learning - Think of all the millions of hour’s corporate training out there, most of which will use an informed voiceover to add connection, guidance and expertise

5. Website Greetings - Normally a video for a website landing page to welcome visitors

6. Telephony Messaging Also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR); getting a great brand voice to welcome your customers, give them direction and keep them engaged

7. Documentary Narration - David Attenborough, need I say more!

Voiceover for video games

8. Video Games -

Wow, there’s so much use of voiceover in the video gaming industry right now, and it's growth shows no signs of letting up soon

9. Animation - From Homer Simpson to Scooby-Doo, it's sometimes difficult to imagine that the voice actually belongs to a real life person.

10. Station Imaging - That’s the mashing together of on-air sound effects, jingles and voices that identify and market a radio station

11. Continuity - “Next up here on BBC One…” you get the idea!

12. Audio Books - These are becoming increasingly popular, and every audio book needs a narrator to tell the story

13. Public Address Announcements -

They tell you that your train is late….again, what floor you're on, and let you know you’ve reached the front of the queue… “Teller number 7!”

14. Audio Tours - Yep, that’s a real person in your headset guiding you round the museum

15. Radio Drama - It’s not just The Archers! In fact radio drama is seeing a bit of a comeback these days.

16. Online Apps - Whether we are trying to motivate you to exercise daily or help you with some relaxation techniques, there's often a voice encouraging you to 'keep going'!

Voiceover for ADR

17. ADR - Short for automated dialogue response; when speech is re-recorded after the filming. Just as James Earl Jones

gave his voice in post-production to Darth Vadar!

18. Promos - You know, the big booming over-the-top voice promoting the next blockbuster movie 'coming to a cinema near you'!

19. Live announcements - From award ceremonies to sporting events, live TV awards to conference hosting

20. Electronics - Many gadgets, appliances and even toys now have a voice; yes talking teddy bears!

So there you go, that’s 20 things a voiceover can turn their hand to. There's nothing like a bit of variety!

If you want to have a chat about how using a voiceover could help your business, just drop me an email to or connect with me on LinkedIn - it would be great to see what you have in mind.

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