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What Voiceover Qualities are best for an Explainer Video?

Having an explainer video on your website and across your social media channels can effectively deliver an elevator pitch to every one of your visitors!

Explainer videos not only capture great visual content, but also hit the viewer’s auditory senses. The qualities of a strong voiceover will go a long way to leaving a lasting and positive impression with your audience.

Here are 5 qualities you would expect to hear in an explainer video voiceover:


Explainer videos are a great way to show some of your brand personality, and there can’t be many businesses that don’t want to be seen as warm, welcoming and friendly. So the voice must reflect this. Humour can also play a part sometimes, particularly where character animation is used.

Friendly voices are naturally expressive, informal and bring a real human touch to the viewing experience. When done well, it can help to build a relationship with the audience on a much more personal level.

"warm, welcoming and friendly"


It’s important that the voice has credibility, and can convey your message with a sense of subject matter knowledge.

Whilst the voiceover doesn’t have to be an expert, they need to sound like one. They should provide your brand with a narrative that is believable and convincing, and one the viewer can easily relate to.


The narration should feel genuine and have its own unique sense of character and personality. If a voice doesn’t feel ‘real’, then there can be a big disconnect between your brand and the authenticity of your messaging.

Professional voiceovers are skilled at ensuring their tone, emotion and prosody is in tune with your brand’s identity.


Most explainer videos will use a conversational approach rather than a more formal style of voiceover. Unless the content is very instructional based, this is generally a better way to engage with the audience. It makes the brand feel more approachable, open to questions and happy to chat.

"conversation invites conversation!"


Whatever other qualities are present, if the voiceover isn’t articulate and easy to understand, the messaging will fail.

Being articulate doesn’t mean being without accent, colloquialism or informality, but it does demand a clarity of speech, with the right emphasis brought to the key points of the script.

This will ensure your words really come to life and the message is truly compelling.

If you would like to find out more about voiceover for explainer videos, then please get in touch via email or the contact form on my website. Along with a quote, I’d be delighted to provide a short sample of your script for you to decide if my voice is right for your project.

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