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Why use a Voiceover on an Explainer Video?

If you’re thinking of doing an explainer video, one of the questions you will need to ask is;

Should I use a voiceover, or rely on the visuals alone?”

And there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ answer here. Explainer videos can be very effective, because they use audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept in a very simple and understandable way. Combining these elements can help in message retention.

Why is this?

Well, it reduces cognitive overload in one particular sensory channel; put simply, it makes use of your ears as well as your eyes!

There’s a good explanation here: Explainers - why combine words and images

Here are a few benefits of adding a voiceover to your explainer:

Build Brand Trust

When you meet a person for the first time you form an instant impression of them, and it’s the same with a business or service. How they look plays a part in forming this impression, and of course also… how they sound!

What does the right voiceover sound like?

Well that depends on your audience, your message and your brand, but you’ll probably want the voice to be confident, friendly and approachable. This warmth can build trust, and help grow brand confidence.

There's more information on the best voiceover qualities for an explainer video in this article: Voiceover Qualities for an Explainer Video?

Connect Emotionally

voiceover emotional connection

Having some voiced content can also help your viewers connect emotionally with your video. The right tone of a real human voice can draw the audience in closer, heighten feelings and emotions, and then through subtle emphasis, deliver an engaging ‘call to action’.

Of course, the script needs well written to make sure that the voiceover compliments the visuals, and doesn’t try to compete; less can sometimes be more in terms of the impact that the words can have.

Simplify Information

A voiceover is particularly valuable in conveying more complicated information. This reduces the need for the video to contain lots of on-screen text (which can be distracting).

In effect, it can turn what might seem to be less than exciting information or data, into something far more engaging and easier to understand. And that, is often one of the main reasons for producing an explainer video. ---------------

Of course, not every explainer video has to use a voiceover. You can choose not to have a brand voice, and remain silent instead. Vocal silence is sometimes the right way to go; leaving the visuals and perhaps some background music to do their job.

However, adding a voiceover to your video can give a more complete sensory experience for the viewer; building trust, connecting emotionally and ultimately ensuring your message is remembered.

If you would like to chat about how using a voiceover in an explainer video can help connect with your audience, then drop me an email I would also be happy to introduce you to some great people who can help with the video production side as well.

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